The Amacarra were a tribe that resided in the Amazonian jungle that was visited by the Electclan in Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere. They have since been wiped clean from existence by the Peruvian Army.

Rise of the Elgen

An Amacarra makes a brief appearance when they are acknowledged by Jaime on the Electroclan's journey to the Puerto Maldonado Starxource compound. After Michael escapes, he is taken in and healed by the tribe. As an easter egg, the Amacarra speak Mandarin.

Battle of the AmpereEdit

After introducing him to Tessa, a glow that had been staying with the tribe, the Amacarra release Tessa and Michael to the custody of The Voice. They are then completely obliterated by the Peruvian army for harboring the Electroclan, whom they considered to be terrorists.

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