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Battle of the Ampere
Background Information

Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere is the third book in the Michael Vey series written by Richard Paul Evans. The release date is set for September 17, 2013. 

Book Summary

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Michael wakes up at the camp of the Amacarra Indians, and meets the fifteenth electric child, Tessa. They then meet up with Jaime, an agent of The Voice, who helps them rescue the rest of the Electroclan from the Peruvian government, but in this process Jack and Taylor are captured by the Elgen. Wade dies after being shot by an Elgen guard while saving Jack. 

Meanwhile, Hatch has taken control of the Ampere, the floating headquarters of the Elgen corporation, and proclaimed himself Admiral of the entire Elgen fleet. The former leaders, who go by numbers are either taken prisoner, killed or pledged their alliegance to Hatch. 

Back in Peru, the Electroclan are dividing. Abigail, Zeus, Tessa,and Ian are leaving the group to take refuge from Hatch with The Voice, a setback that could cause the remaining Electroclan their lives.

But the opposite turns out to be true, since Tessa and Zeus's miraculous arrival during the Electroclan's attempt at sinking the E.S Ampere proves the mission successful. Abi and Ian return as well, and at the closing of the book, The Electroclan are given a new quest- find and rescue child prodigy Lin Yulong (translation: Jade Dragon) , who has been captured by the Elgen because she has, in fact figured out how to create more Electric Children.

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