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{{I|title1 = Ostin is kool}}This guy got a sloppy from a woman and Michael was born.
{{I|title1 = }} [[Category:Character]][[Category:Deceased]][[Category:Alive]][[Category:Businesspeople]] [[Category:Resistance]]
== y michael's mom did thi[[Category:Character]][[Category:Deceased]][[Category:Alive]][[Category:Businesspeople]] ==
In Hunt for Jade Dragon, guys were blown up by ostin
in The Final Spark, it's revealed that he is michael
When Vey gets to the Hatch Islands, he dies
At the end of the book, vey is eaten alive
[[Category:Elgen (Formerly)]]
[[Category:Elgen (Formerly)]]
[[Category:Back Story]]
[[Category:Back Story]]

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