Quotation1 My heart filled with fear. When Hatch was gone I asked, "What's Cell 25?"

Nichelle smiled. "Terror." Quotation2

Michael before being sent to Cell 25
Cell 25 is one of the highest levels of non- magical torture available. It is a simple square room. There are no lights. The only food given is canned dog food. No physical pain is inflicted, but you are put under the powers of Tara, who can spark your worst fears in your mind until you are driven insane. A buzzer also rings through the cell every few seconds. This follows the design of Chinese water torture, where someone is strapped to a table and a single drop of water is dropped on their forehead repeatedly until it feels like an 18-wheeler is being slammed into your face. The only thing able to counteract the effects of Cell 25 is the power of the Glow Abigail. The prison was designed by Hatch specifically with Tara's powers in mind.

At the end of The Storm Of Lightning, Quentin is sent to Cell 25.

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