Quotation1 It wasn't like that at the academy. We got along because it was a rule. But we were always in competition with one another. Quotation2
Tessa (Tesla) about the Academy

The Elgen Academy is a school in Pasadena, California . Though, the exterior is described to appear more as a prison. It is owned and run by the Elgen Corporation. The Academy, until recently, was home to most of the Elgen Glows, (Quentin (student body president), Tara, Kylee, Bryan, Grace, Zeus, and Nichelle)and the Glows the Elgen were keeping prisoner (Ian, Abigail, and McKenna).After the location and capture of Michael Vey and Taylor Ridley, the Elgen planned to relocate from the Academy to one of their more secure facilities, but were forced to move up their plans when Vey escaped, taking with him Ian, Abi, McKenna, Grace, Zeus, and Taylor, as well as causing the uselessness and therefore abandonment of Nichelle. The building is currently being used for a human private school.


The Academy has six levels- four upper floors, the ground level, and the dungeon level.

Level 4Edit

Level 4 is the command center. The control panel for the GPs and security cameras are on this level, as well as the laboratories.

Levels 3, 2, and 1Edit

These levels are for living quarters. Both the guards' barracks and the luxurious suites of the Elgen glows are located here.


This is the ground level, where you enter the academy.

Level DEdit

This is the Dungeon Level, where the prisoners of the academy are kept. The various portions of Level D include Purgatory and Cell 25.... click here for more info

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