"Good-bye, man"
"Yeah, good-bye"
An Elgen guard and Gervaso before Gervaso blew the dock with a grenade.

General info Edit

Gervaso is a marine who is a part of the resistance. He died in Hades when he blew himself, 2 Elgen guards, and the dock when he pulled the pin of of a grenade.

He gave the distinguished service cross to Michael in book 4. J.D was his friend and took a bullet to the leg whilst saving Gervaso. He first appeared in book 4 and he greeted the Electroclan after they arrived. He also came up with the idea to practice with Michael and see if he could deflect bullets. He was one of the people who suggested that they bring Nichelle. In book 5 he was sent to get the Electroclan when they were at the Hotel Gadsden, although the Electroclan thought he was an Elgen patrol he, then told them that the resistance and, their families were still alive which was very good news. Gervaso, Michael, and Taylor went back to Idaho to get Taylor's "dad"(Taylor is adopted) and bring him to the ranch.

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Trivia Edit

  • He gave Michael the distinguished service cross and the only medal higher is the medal of honor.
  • He died in Hades because he revealed his location to 2 Elgen guards thinking they were Welch's team.
    • He got killed in blowing up the dock, becoming a martyr.
      • He did this by pulling the pin of grenade when the 2 Elgen guards were about to kill him.
  • He was like a father figure to Jack.
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