'Glow' is Hatch's term for the electric children due to the fact that they all glow (except for Nichelle). There are seventeen electric children. In The Prisoner of Cell 25, the glow is said to be very faint and only noticeable in darkness.


Currently there 17 glows

  • Michael - As a human taser, he can make his body electric. He can focus his electricity into a ball he can throw. He can also absorb the other Glows' powers. He can melt objects as well, by pulsing. He is also a Human Magnet. He can also pretty much teleport.
  • Taylor - Even though she is Tara's twin sister they do not have the same powers. Taylor can reboot people but she can also read minds and memories, but she keeps this a secret from Hatch until the seventh book
  • Ian - Ability to see through electro-location, much like when sharks and eels are hunting. He can see far and through objects like walls
  • McKenna - McKenna can create light and heat from anywhere on her body. Creating heat, however, gets her extremely dehydrated.
  • Abigail - She can stimulate nerves so that the pain they feel is reduced.
  • Grace - A human flash drive, able to download large amounts of electronic data
  • Zeus - can throw lightning bolts (hence the name "Zeus")
  • Tanner - Can make airplanes crash. Deceased
  • Nichelle - Can detect and drain electricity like a vampire, but does not have any affect on normal, nonel, people. Personified RESAT system.
  • Tessa - Enhances other glow's powers
  • Tara - Can alter human and animal emotions. She can even create hallucinations.
  • Quentin - Can create isolated electromagnetic pulses (emp), allowing him to take out all the electrical devices .
  • Torstyn - Can create microwaves
  • Cassy - Can paralyze any part of anyone's body- including hearts
  • Bryan - Can focus energy into a beam- enabling him to cut through steel. He is extremely gullible to believe all of Hatches lies.
  • Kylee - Human magnet. She is extremely gullible to believe all of Hatches lies.
  • Zara - As well as Michael, she can absorb other glow's powers. Michael zapped her in the last book. That's also the only book she appears in. She is extremely gullible to believe all of Hatches lies.
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