The Hatch Islands (Nike, Pluton, Athena, Ares, Demeter, Hades, Nanumea, Niutao, Niulakita) were once called the Tuvalu Islands (Funafuti,Nukufetau,Nui,Vaitupu,Nanumaga,Nukulaelae,Nanumea,Niutao,Niulakita), populated by Tuvalans. On Hatch's first attempt to take over, the Prime Minister denied to bow down to him, so Hatch had the Prime Ministers tongue surgically removed and put in a cage with monkeys. The Hatch Islands was the main base, after the boats, for the Elgen and Hatch. One of the islands was Hades, which was destroyed and turned to glass by Michael in Battle of Hades. The Hatch Islands are also the location books 5-7 (Storm of Lightning, Battle of Hades, The Final Spark) take place. After Dr. Hatch is killed, the Glows are punished, and the Elgen guards are arrested, it became Tuvalu Islands again. Michael Vey turned Hades into glass.