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Hunt for Jade Dragon
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Background Information

Richard Paul Evans


Simon Pulse, Mercury Ink

Release Date:

September 16, 2014


978-1481424387,and 1481424386

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Battle of the Ampere

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Book Summary

The book opens with Dr. Hatch on the Elgen fleet's largest ship, listening to a status report about Jade Dragon, who is apparently deaf, mute, and autistic.

The first chapter then cuts to the Electroclan on the way to a ranch, which is apparently one of The Voice's bases. This is where Mrs. Vey, Mrs. Liss, Mr. Liss, Tanner, and Grace have been staying, and Taylor's mother arrives as well. After a few days of recovery the Electroclan leave for Taiwan, but not before stopping in Pasadena to ask for help from Nichelle in fighting the Elgen. She agrees, and they meet up with agents of The Voice in Taiwan.

On a shopping trip in Taiwan, the Elgen kidnap Taylor and switch her out with Tara. No one except for Nichelle, who can detect and identify the electrical signatures of the Glows, is able to tell the difference. Nichelle goes to Hatch at the Taiwan Starxource Plant and pretends to give away the location of the Electroclan (which they had already known) in order to regain his trust. The Elgen abduct the Electroclan and take them to the Starxource plant, and Tara tricks Michael into giving away the location of one of The Voice's safehouses. Shortly after this, Nichelle manages to break Michael and the rest of the Electroclan out of the plant, and they all met up with another agent of the Voice.

After another few days of planning, the Electroclan successfully rescue child prodigy Jade Dragon from the Elgen. They hold a celebration afterward, and Nichelle is made an official member of the Electroclan.

The day following, the agent of the Voice who had been helping them, Ben, returns very late from dropping off Jade, looking shaken. He reports that the Elgen have used the information Michael gave them to find and destroy the safehouse. Mrs. Vey, Ostin's parents, Taylor's mother, Tanner, Grace, and countless agents of the Voice were killed in the attack. The book ends with Michael demanding to go to the ruins and see this for himself.

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