Quotation1 He gently touched her. She could feel his skin against hers and she entered his mind. It was peaceful and soft and safe. Quotation2
Taylor reading Ian's mind
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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Ian is a member of the Electroclan. Along with McKenna and Abigail, Ian was held captive by the Elgen for many years because he refused to follow Hatch. He joined the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy's prison, known as Purgatory.


Ability to see using electro location, which is the same way sharks and eels see through muddy or murky water.


The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

Ian was found and rescued by Micheal along with Taylor, Abi, and Mckenna in a cell in the "academy" and helped Micheal shut down the academy once he was freed.

Came off January 2019.
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