Jade Dragon
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Status: Alive
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Lin Yulong 玉龙 (English: Jade Dragon) is a child prodigy from China who solved the equation for the electrification of humans. She is deaf, mute, and autistic.


Battle of the AmpereEdit

She is mentioned at the end of this book when the Electroclan are receiving their next mission.

Hunt for Jade DragonEdit

In the fourth book, Jade has been captured by the Elgen. When Taylor Ridley is captured, they are put in the same cell, and Jade exploits Taylor's powers in order to give her the formula for electric children without speaking. After the Electroclan rescue her, The Voice finds her a new home.

Storm of LightningEdit

Old FriendsEdit

During a mission report with Dr. C. James Hatch, or also called an evil person
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