Quotation1 Do not insult me. I would rather cut out my own heart and feed it to the piranhas than be called one of those demons. Quotation2
Jaime when Tessa accuses him of being Elgen
Background Information

Unknown; presumably late twenties- early thirties

First Appearance:

Rise of the Elgen






The Voice

Jaime is an agent of The V, who made his first appearance in Rise of the Elgen.


Rise of the ElgenEdit

Jaime first appears guiding the Electroclan to the Puerto Maldonado compound.

Battle of the AmpereEdit

Jaime guides Michael and Tessa through the jungle. He has a radio that lets them communicate with The Voice, and keep up to date with the status of the other Electroclan members. Though originally reluctant, he does end up helping them rescue the rest of the group. All except for Jack and Taylor, who are captured by the Elgen. Despite this, they are almost immediately rescued, though Wade loses in the process.

Jaime guides the Electroclan through Peru in the name of The Voice, and helps them plan their assault on the Elgen fleet. After the successful sinking of the Watt and Ampere, Jaime throws the Electroclan a party at a beach estate. He then arranges communications with The Voice, Michael's mother, and Ostin's parents.

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