Lieutenant Boyd Lloyd
Background information
Status: Alive
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Lieutenant Boyd Lloyd is an older, gray haired police officer in Meridian, Idaho. He was one of the officers who arrived just before Michael Vey was kidnapped.


The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

Chapter 17: Lieutenant LloydEdit

The day after Dr. Hatch kidnapped Mrs. Vey, Lieutenant Lloyd visited the hospital with Detective Pearson. Lloyd asked Vey to recall all memories of the previous night’s encounter. They discussed the suspect, Clyde Stuart, as well as everyone else on the scene. Before he left, Lloyd gave Vey a card with his contact information, and then proceeded to reveal Stuart’s gun had been empty.

Chapter 22: The RevelationEdit

While attempting to find information on the Elgen Academy, Vey suggests contacting Lloyd and asking to interrogate Stuart, the gunman. Vey calls Lloyd, and after speaking with his partner, Lloyd agrees.

Chapter 23: ClydeEdit

The next morning, Lloyd picked up Vey at his apartment and drove him to the station. He led Vey through the station to Stuart’s observation room, where he introduced him to Detective Muir, who was in charge of recording the conversation. After Vey surged the power in the room, knocking out the security cameras, Lloyd gave Muir the phone to listen to the conversation, introduced Stuart to Vey, then left the interrogation room. He only returned once Stuart began shouting.