"The Lung Li is an elite branch of the Elgen guard made up of Asian mercenaries. They are mostly Chinese, but there are Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai members as well. Lung Li, in Chinese, means 'dragon strength' or 'power'. It's fitting. They are a formidable group of warriors. They are highly disciplined, fierce fighters. The make the rest of the elgen guard look like mall cops.... They are also highly superstitious. They follow astrology and ancient mysticism. They believe that the electric children are the literate reincarnation of the lightning gods of ancient Chinese legend.... They regard the Electroclan as fallen angels. Demons.... Not surprisingly, they religiously follow the teachings of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.... They are very much a modern-day version of the ninjas. They have all taken oaths to die for the Lung Li and the Elgen cause. When they take the oath they are branded with the Lung Li symbol, the fiery dragon head."

-Gervaso's description.

The Elgen Lung Li are an elite branch of the Elgen Guard. They are made up of Asian mercenaries. They first appear in Hunt for Jade Dragon.

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