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|image = [[File:U0ZRN0g4RTBoSGcx o michael-vey-2-rise-of-the-elgen-hd-trailer-richard-paul-.jpeg|300px]]
|image = [[File:michael-vey.png|300px]]
|Age = 15
|Age = 15
|first appearance = [[The Prisoner of Cell 25]]
|first appearance = [[The Prisoner of Cell 25]]

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Michael Vey
Background Information


First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




- Pulsing (electrical shocking)

- forming lightning balls

- magnetism ( for ex: deflecting bullets)

- Concentrating his surge in one place to melt through something


Electroclan Resistance

Michael Vey is a 15 year old born in Pasadena, CA, though he has moved around a lot since then, landing in Meridian, Idaho for a while, but since having to flee, and is currently traveling around the world with the rest of the Electroclan, attempting to avoid/defeat the Elgen. His best friend is Ostin Liss, who is also part of the Electroclan. He is an only child and he has Tourette's Syndrome. Michael is the leader of the Electroclan. His ultimate goal is to defeat Hatch and hopefully go back to a somewhat normal life with his friends and mom. In Storm of Lightning, he got Litchenburg Figures (lightning scars/trees) from surging strongly during a fight with a Mexican gang who wanted to cut and then rob him.


Michael's powers consist of him being able to electrocute objects and people by contact or if they are connected with something that that can be conducted, like metal. He can also cause electrical surges that can destroy electrical equipment and stun people, similar to Zeus' powers. Michael is not only immune to electricity, but he is able to absorb it as well, which makes him even more powerful. Michael can produce a powerful shockwave after he absorbed electricity ,and became telepathic once there was enough electricity between himself and Taylor in Book 1: Prisoner of Cell 25 , the 2nd book, and the 4th book. .According to Hatch, Michael is the most powerful Glow alive so far. During the 2nd book,Rise of the Elgen, Michael becomes magnetic, this gives him the ability to move magnetic objects with his mind, but nothing that is heavier than himself, like a car. If he does try to move anything heavier than himself, then he gets pulled towards the object. He can use this magnetism to deflect bullets. He can even levitate things, to a certain extent. He also discovers the ability to produce balls of lightning which he can throw, similar to how Zeus "throws" his electricity. In Book 4: Hunt for Jade Dragon, while escaping the Taiwanese Starxource Plant, he learns he can conduct his electricity in one place, and like Bryan, burn through solid objects, but in a different manner.

Character Traits: Courageous, Cunning, Witty, Loyal, Smart, and Extraordinary.

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