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Rise of the Elgen




Extreme wealth

Mitchell Manchester is a friend of Jack and Wade. The Electroclan stayed at his house for a while in Rise of the Elgen. He was born into luxury to Rebecca Manchester and billionaire businessman Phillip Manchester II.


Mitchell first appeared in Prisoner of Cell 25, when he, Jack, and Wade jump Michael at their school, Meridian High School, because they thought Michael ratted them out for stuffing him in his locker. The three had tormented Michael before and did not want to be "told on" by him. They would have succeeded in pantsing and beating up Michael, the ultimate humiliation, but he shocked them with his powers and out of fear they decided to quit picking on him. 

He is next seen in Rise of the Elgen, when the Electroclan are in need of a place to stay and Jack proposes Mitchell's house. Mitchell is originally annoyed that Jack and Wade took Michael to California and not him, but changes his mind when he hears about the Elgen and the human boys' transformation into GPs.

It is revealed that Mitchell is very rich, with an enormous mansion as well as a pool house, where the Electroclan stay (Mitchell's parents are away on vacation/business meetings. It is implied they are almost always away, leaving Mitchell alone to do whatever he'd like, including aiding and abetting international fugitives). The Elgen (disguised as the U.S. Homeland Security) stop by Mitchell's house looking for the Electroclan, but do not find them.

The Voice keeps a white van parked outside Mitchell's house to watch him, and supposedly protect him from the Elgen. It is unknown if this continued after the Electroclan left for Peru.

Mitchell did not appear in Battle of the Ampere, though he was mentioned when Michael said that he'd much rather be back at Mitchell's house than in Peru.

Although Mitchell didn't appear in The Final Spark, it can be assumed that he still attends Meridian High School. It is unknown if Jack told him about Wade's death or their journey.

Interesting facts:Edit

  • Mitchell is extremely rich and lives in a mansion complete with multiple rooms and a pool house. 
  • His mother was a poor carpet cleaner and his father was a wealthy businessman. 
  • Mitchell can play the viola, though he has not told Jack or Wade this (probably not part of the "tough guy" routine).
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