Basics Edit

The Nova Starxource Pod was an idea hatched from Hatch's mind. He thought of it to deal with the bigger countries, or wise countries. He needs this since whole countries don't want a big Starxource Plant. It is about the size of a suburban garage with sleek white walls. The corners are slightly rounded. There is a circular control panel. It holds enough rats to power a whole apartment complex, hospital, or maybe even a neighborhood. These will be advertised greatly in larger countries at a lower price than their current energy source. See "The Plan" for more about that. The pod is fueled by a new version of Rabisk, a liquid, that will be sold as fuel called Petrox. If they don't use the fuel, the pod shuts down. It will cost them greatly to repair it. Of course people would try to look inside it, so they have a defense system. See "Defense" for more on that. 

The PlanEdit

Now the plan is simple. They are spending a lot of money that will spread the campaign, and have a commercial during the Super Bowl. Elgen will sponsor major conservation groups to oppose competition. This will, in turn, make the competition cost more, making the pods more appealing. They sell the pods a twenty-seventh of a price of current energy, so how do they still make money? By selling Petrox.


The defense at first sight isn't much. The pod is just covered in warning labels. But, it is actually way more sophisticated. It is double-secured with an intrusion trigger. The inner pod is covered in magnesium panels that will reach heat in excess of two thousand degrees or 1,093