Ostin Liss
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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Ostin Liss is one of the three original members of the Electroclan. He is very intelligent and one of the Electroclan. In the first book Ostin is seen to have a "Thing" for Asian girls,

Ostin is one of the few people other than Michael and his mother to know about Michael's powers. Michael describes Ostin as intelligent throughout the first book. It is also described that he likes to eat and is a little pot-bellied. He suggests measuring how strong Michael's electricity is and this leads to Mrs. Vey, his mother, getting captured. Ostin joins Michael Vey, Jack and Wade along for the ride to go get her, however they end up getting caught and separated.
The sequel takes place immediately after the first book. The Electroclan is returning from their trip to go home and then they discover Ostin's home has no confirmed reason and everyone dies.
Read in Book 1 and Ostin spends all night discovering the Elgen's new plan: superpowered rats and he discovers where Michael's mother is being held. After training for weeks they then ride out to Peru to find her after surrendering Grace to the Voice.
After a long, nearly deadly trek through the jungle they come upon the Elgen compound where the group manages to commandeer several guard outfits and sneak into the compound. They locate Mrs. Vey and prepare to escape only to be revealed that Dr. Hatch has trapped them.
They manage to escape but Ostin leaves Michael behind at his word. Upon finding out this Jack and Taylor yell at Ostin causing him to leave the group and McKenna to go after him. After sharing a tender moment, the kids think of a plan to get Michael.The succeed and eventually manage to blow up the Starxource plant and burn it down. This leaves Dr. Hatch infuriated and makes him to seek revenge on the Electroclan, mainly the original Electroclan members. This includes Michael, Taylor, and Ostin.

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