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Ostin Liss
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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Ostin Liss is Michael Vey's best friend and one of the original 3 members of the Electroclan. He is insanely intelligent with an IQ of 155 which puts him at the same level as the average Nobel Prize winner. He has a hard time reading people and RPE has stated that he is probably on the Autism spectrum. Ostin is very awkward socially, especially around cheerleaders.

He very chunky boi. Much weight and large size.


Ostin is described as wearing glasses and being husky, though he does gain a 6 pack at the end of the series.

Family and Relationships[]

His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Liss.


Os tin is the inventor of the peanut butter Twinkies