Raul is a rancher who worked for the Elgen at the Peruvian Compound

Rise of the ElgenEdit

Raul is sent to fix a fence on the outside of the compound that Michael and the Electroclan accidentally destroyed to get into the buildings when he is jumped by Michael. He capture them and interrogate them with Ostin translating from Spanish to English and learn that Raul hates the Elgen. He says that they treat the ranchers with great direspect. He decides to help Michael and the rest of the Glows to get into the compound (showing them a secret tunnel) and later helped destroy it.

When Zeus was injured near the end (water wounds) he runs off into the forest and brings back Aloe Vera for Zeus to heal. Raul proves that he is a worthy friend and companion. He is good to have with them, because he knows the jungles and what to avoid.  He escapes with Tanner and Sharon Vey to The Voice's rendezvous point.