The Taiwanese Starxource Plant is the Starxource plant in Taiwan, and also a former Taiwanese federal prison. It was where the Elgen held Jade Dragon. The Taiwanese army and the Lung Li guarded the plant. While the Electroclan, sans Abigail, were in Taiwan, they got captured by the Elgen, and were trapped in the plant. Nichelle rescued them, and they escaped through the entrance that the fish, food for the rats, was brought in. They then blew up the land mines surrounding it and escaped (the destruction is met by the military and police).

It was publicly showed that the Taiwan Army arrested the terrorists that tried to destroy the plant, possibly to keep the Taiwanese citizens from panicking, whereas the real terrorists escaped (also without the intention of shutting down the plant). The Taiwan Army is later informed that Welch was one of the terrorists that tried to shut down the plant.