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Taylor arguing with Nichelle
Taylor Ridley
Background Information


First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




'Rebooting'(temporary short-term memory loss); mind reading



Taylor Ridley is a 15 year old and a member of the Electroclan. She is in a relationship with Michael Vey. She is currently on the run from the Elgen and staying with the resistance.


Taylor is described by Michael as beautiful. She has brown hair and brown eyes.


Her abilities are mainly attributed to electrical signals in the brain. These powers include "rebooting" a person's brain making them forget what they were doing at that moment. She is also able to read people's minds through contact, it is stronger if she is connected forehead to forehead. If Tessa is there, she can reboot someone so hard it gives them an aneurysm, which was explained by Ostin. Also when around Tessa she read peoples' minds. This can only occur in closely walled area.  


Taylor is the twin of fellow glow Tara, who can change people's emotions, and is also used by Hatch to (unsuccessfully) decieve Michael and his mother by using a person they know against them.

Taylor has an adoption family aside from Tara. In this family she has a mother, father and two older brothers. None of which are named.

Michael and Taylor have been dating since the end of the first book, Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 when he rescued her from the academy in Pasedena, California. In the third book, Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere, Taylor is jealous of Michael and Tessa because she thinks that he's cheating on her, even though he's not. While they're trying to blow up the Elgen's main ship, the Ampere, and it's clear they might die, (but don't), Taylor confesses to Michael that if they lived, she'd marry him, and in reply he says that he would've asked her.