Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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Tessa is a member of the Electroclan. She escaped from the Elgen at the Peru Starxource plant and live in the amazon jungle with the indigenous tribe called the Amacarra. She joined the Electroclan after the Amacarra rescued Michael from the Elgen and brought them together.


Tessa's abilities are opposite Nichelle's—she is able to enhance the powers of the other electric children.


Battle of the AmpereEdit

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Hunt for Jade DragonEdit

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Storm of LightningEdit

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Part TwoEdit

Two NacosEdit
After Ostin explains the history behind the Apache Airlines logo and symbol on the hangar and their connection to Douglas, Arizona, Tessa pessimistically connects the story to the potential end of the resistance. McKenna states Tessa is supposed to enhance their powers, not diminish them.
As everyone is exiting the plan, Tessa threatens to punch Ostin, and McKenna defends him.