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Background information
Affiliation: Independent (Formerly Elgen)
Status: Alive
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Torstyn is a glow that is loyal to Quentin and a member of the Rebel Glows and first appeared in the second book of the Michael Vey series.


Torstyn generates microwaves. This allows him to melt objects and destroy organic matter (as seen Rise of the Elgen). He can also make people vomit (as seen in the Hunt for Jade Dragon)he can also boil people.


Torstyn has been with Hatch for a long time, and was almost immediately sent to the Amazonian facility.

Rise of the Elgen[]

In Rise of the Elgen, Torstyn rejoins the rest of the Elgen glows and accompanies them back to the Amazonian facility. He seems to have a dispute with Quentin over who is the head Glow of the group. On the way, he foils an attempt by Tanner to crash the jet Hatch and the enemy Glows are in. 

It is implied that Torstyn has a mild crush on Tara , considering the fight he and Quentin get in over her. He also owned a pet monkey with in which Torstyn kept on his shoulder, but it dissappeared into the jungle after Tara scared it off using her powers. 

Battle of the Ampere[]

Torstyn helps Hatch take over the Ampere, the floating headquarters of the Elgen corporation, with the rest of the Glows on Hatch's side.

Hunt for Jade Dragon

After the Electroclan destroy the Ampere Torstyn, along withe the rest of the Elgen Elite, takes up reidence on the Faraday.Torstyn, along with Tara, travels to Switzerland to help Hatch defeat Chairman Schema. Afterwards, he helps the other Elgen Glows guard Jade Dragon.

Storm of Lightning

After Quentin decides to overthrow Hatch and take control of the Elgen, Torstyn joins Quentin. He, along with Tara, helps Quentin escort Welch off the ship, allowing him to escape. After Hatch finally finds out about Quentin's betrayal and planned mutiny, Hatch, enraged, has all 5 Elgen Glows, including Torstyn, arrested and imprisoned. Hatch sentences Torstyn to death.

Fall of Hades

Torstyn's imprisoned in the Hades Elgen Starxource Plant while he's waiting to be executed. To his shock, the Electroclan arrive and rescue him, along with Quentin and Tara. Although Torstyn despises Michael and the Electroclan, and wants them dead, he reluctantly agrees to join them in their fight. Torstyn, along with Quentin, Tara, Welch, and Cassy, helps hijack the Joule.