Quotation1 ...Wade had nothing to be sorry about. He always wanted to be a warrior like Jack. And in the end, he was. Quotation2
Michael about Wade at his burial
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Wade Lubin
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Deceased
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Wade Lubin was one of the main protagonists of the Michael Vey series.


He got shot
Wade dies taking a bullet for Jack in Battle of the Ampere

The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

Wade was one of the bullies that shoved Michael into his locker. Wade and Jack both also helped out Michael drive to Pasadena to save Taylor.

Rise of the ElgenEdit

WHO CARES I do....

Battle of the AmpereEdit

WADE WAS A GOOD GUY. SADLY, HE GOT SHOT IN THE 3RD BOOK. Wade, you will be missed by many. ;-; why wade whyyy..

Trivia Round Edit

  • In Battle of the Ampere, Jack carves Wade's initials into his arm.
  • In Hunt for Jade Dragon, Jack reveals Wade wished to become a chef.
  • Jack says that he sometimes feels like Wade watches him, almost like a guardian angel.